Years Of Experience

Business Beyond Technology

DUPRO INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY Co., Ltd with a motto ‘’BUSINESS BEYOND TECHNOLOGY’’ is a Burundi based group of companies founded and registered in 2017. DITCO is an innovative company and our major activities are: Manufacturing, Logistics, Industrial equipment and Raw material branch as well as Distribution and Business representation. DITCO has a total number of employees of 220 people.

To be the leading trading and manufacturing company in Burundi and in the region, recognized for our originality, innovation, and commitment to delivering fast services as well as quality products, while continuously expanding our portfolio of preferred brands across multiple industries.

our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional trading and manufacturing solutions, offering a diverse range of original and unique products across various sectors. We strive to deliver fast services, meeting the ever-evolving needs of our clients while upholding the highest standards of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Through continuous growth, we aim to contribute to the economic development of Burundi and create a lasting impact on the industries we serve.

DITCO is operating in various sectors such as international trading, manufacturing as well as logistics and transport. Since its establishment in 2017 as a trading company, DITCO has merged into other sectors such as manufacturing and has witnessed a remarkable growth throughout these past 6 years of existence.