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- Brighto Paint: With light technology, we produce Water paint and Oil paints which are becoming the leading products in the market.

- Cosmetics: We have a factory for the production of high-quality cosmetic products such as Hand sanitizer, Sunny Shampoo, Liquid soap, Car wash soap, Hand wash, Cleaning detergent, etc.

- Paper converting factories such as Notebooks, envelopes.

- FSM: Through market research, we discovered a pressing need in the logistics section of our customers’ business processes. Therefore, we established a logistics company in the clearing, forwarding, and transportation to adequately help our clients.

Other brands are:
1. Sanitary Products like toilet seats, sink

2. Driving School (On the image it is called Driving Ecole)

3. XCMG Lubricants

4. Washing Brush produced at the company

4. Derne - Liquid Soap

5. Clear - Carwash soap

6. Twyford Tiles

7. Claro pen

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